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mint cucina fresca


Mint is an experience of flavor and creativity at the heart of

Polignano a mare, a bistro where you can eat healthy & take care of the spirit.

Polpo Polignano Mint cucina fresca
Mint cucina Fresca Polignano
Mint cucina Fresca
int cucina Fresca
Mint cucina Fresca
Mint Cucina Fresca

the kitchen

“MINT is our love poem to life, our haven of serenity and beauty.”

We cook for you what we have found at the market or what our friendly producers offer us day by day, preferring organic products from Puglia that respect the cycles of the seasons.

The laws of nature and the rules of well-being dictate our menu: we build the dishes in a harmonious and balanced way from a nutritional point of view and we always try to enrich them with healthy products,

without ever using invasive cooking methods and refined products.

The flavors from around the world that influence the dishes are our philosophy, the sign of our history but also a creative and educational touch: a way to push your curiosity to go beyond the usual canons and to unfold the beauty of nature through the great variety of shapes and colors that it shapes in its fruits.without ever using invasive cooking methods and refined products.We do not serve traditional or meat-based dishes. As we elevate the use of vegetables to another level, fish remains on the menu albeit with a secondary role.  Although the dishes have an international inspiration,

local ingredients are used in their preparation.

Hard to tire with our menu. We are alwaysre in evolution, like our concepts…

Benvenuto al Mint



Reservations only via Whatsapp

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We recommend looking at the menu before making a reservation.

We do not serve meat, pasta or traditional dishes, but we offer nutritionally balanced unique dishes,

often adding color and flavor from around the world.

Restrictions, requirements and food intolerances: In case of food restrictions, allergies or intolerances, please let us know at the time of booking. We do not guarantee alternative menus without notice. Due to the limited space for food preparation, we cannot guarantee menus for coeliacs, shellfish, garlic, onion, eggs, milk and derivatives allergies ​​and other serious allergies.

Dress code: Informal. We do not enforce a dress code in our restaurant. Entry is forbidden to customers in bathing suits or wet clothing.

Children: All children are welcome! We only ask the courtesy of the parents to pay the utmost attention to respecting the other guests as well. However, we do not offer a specific children's menu and we have limited space for prams, so we ask you to let us know at the time of booking.

Animals: Small pets are allowed.

Tables: We remind you that the table will only be assigned upon arrival.

Groups: The restaurant has a small number of seats and does not accommodate groups of more than four people.

We don't even make separate tables (for example a table for four and one for two) and we don't take two reservations at the same time rightly because of this dynamic.

Delays: We kindly ask our guests to respect the arrival time indicated in order to limit the entrances, guaranteeing the high quality of service that has so far distinguished the restaurant. 

If you are late, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your booking.

No, in the meantime, in the event of missing notice, we secure the table for 15 minutes (no later than 2.00 pm for lunch and 9.30 pm for dinner), after which we directly consider the reservation asno-show.

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Via San Benedetto, 32 - Polignano a Mare, Puglia

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